BRASCON Entech Stainless Steel Security Gate with Side Rail


$ 3,999.99

(Including HST & Shipping)

The Entech Access Control & Security Device is a patented traffic and security solution offered exclusively by Brascon.  This unit functions as both an access control device for patrons entering a store and also as a security device by limiting the flow of traffic in a single direction and thus deterring would be thieves from exiting a stores entrance point with merchandise.

Patrons use the device by simply walking through the unit in the intended direction of travel.  By walking through the unit, pressure is applied to the first arm which triggers an internal mechanism and signals the second arm to unlock.  The patron then freely exits the unit and enters into the establishment.  The secondary arm then returns to its original position and once again locks into place.

The Entech comes complete with a side rail which creates a natural flowing lane for patrons to walk through.  Where wider entrances exist, two Entechs may be placed together with one center rail allowing for heavier traffic flows.

  • Fully mechanical and requires no electrical connection making installation simple and cost effective as no power source needs to be provided next the unit.
  • The Entech comes equipped with an Emergency Release which allows the arms to fold into a stowed position beneath the unit.
  • This release feature easily converts a one-way entrance into a fire escape. The release may also be used to create a two directional passage so that staff may pass merchandise and carts through the unit.  This is also useful for cleaning around the unit.
  • A built in battery powered audible alarm is activated when the arms are dropped. The alarm may be deactivated with the turn of a key when two way passage is required.
  • Designed to accommodate for use in both high and low volume traffic environments.
  • The stainless steel body and structure is durable, clean and attractive.
  • Made from high quality type 304 stainless steel in #4 finish
  • Units installed with a 3” gap next to the side rail are handicap accessible and thus eliminate the need for a secondary access gate.
  • Left or right opening configurations are available.
  • Wedge anchors and easy to follow installation instructions are included.
  • Aids in theft prevention and security.




BRASCON Entech Stainless Steel Security Gate with Side Rail